Message 31 Juil 2017, 13:56

[matos] Update Nokta Impact V1.14_V1.12


Deuxième update pour le détecteur Nokta Impact

Software Update (27.07.2017)
Download : R2_V1.14_V1.12 (System Software V1.14 / LCD Software V1.12)
Updates Made : Audio Tone feature has been activated in DI4 and VLX2 modes.
How to use it: If you want to change the frequency of the 4th tone in DI4 and VLX2 modes, while Non-Fe is selected, press the select button once. The frame will disappear and the audio frequency of the 4th tone will appear on the screen. Use the (+) or the (-) button to change it.

Operating systems: Windows XP (with SP3), Vista, Windows 7, 8 or 10.
After software update, all settings will revert to factory defaults.
Be sure to make a note of your saved settings prior to the update.

Vous trouverez le premier update ici :