Message 08 Jan 2018, 12:04

Petites vacheries entre constructeurs...


Ca tourne sur les forums anglophones... et c'est Teknetics qui parle de Minelab. :mrgreen:

We recently posted a meme to our Facebook and Instagram accounts which indicated Minelab’s pinpointers were made in Malaysia. This meme was in error. Unlike many of Minelab’s other products, which are made in Malaysia such as the SDC 2300, GPX, CTX 3030, X-Terra, E-Trac, Go-Find, etc. these pinpointers are labeled as “Made in Ireland”.

We regret the error and are always willing to admit when we’ve made a mistake.

The root of the confusion stems from the fact that many of Minelab’s products are produced in Malaysia as well as a Minelab announcement (which we’ve attached on this post) dated June 25th, 2009, that states:
“Codan has decided to cease Minelab’s manufacturing activities in Ireland by December 2009 and to outsource the majority of that activity to Codan’s manufacturing service provider, Plexus, situated in Penang Malaysia.”

It’s nice to see that Minelab is proud of the fact that many of their products are made in Malaysia, just as we are proud that Teknetics is made in the USA.

Thank you.